Rod Shift Linkage Installation Instructions


1. Remove the stock shift Linkage.

2. Thread a jam nut and universal joint onto each end of the CCD Shift Linkage Rod. Adjust the length of the CCD Shift Linkage to match that of the stock rod and then tighten the jam nuts against the universal joints. Be sure to leave sufficient thread engagement (minimum 1/2”) in the universal joint. If the CCD linkage cannot be adjusted to exactly match the stock length, the shift lever can be repositioned on the splined shifter shaft by one tooth and the linkage adjusted accordingly for maximum comfort.

3. Install the rear end of the linkage. Assembly sequence for Dresser and Road King applications is shown in FIG.1. Assembly sequence for a Softail or FXDWG is shown in FIG.2



4. Install the front end of the linkage. Make the linkage as straight as possible. On Dressers and Road Kings, the universal joint is usually installed on the outside of the front shift arm. On Softails or Dyna Wide Glide, the universal joint is usually installed on the inside of the front shift arm. However, depending on available clearance, these positions may be reversed if necessary.

5. Verify all fasteners are secure and shift operation is smooth and uninhibited.